Proxy Service based on WireGuard*** VPN config files on real users' devices.

How to work with the system using standard WireGuard Client?

1) Login into your account.

2) You will see a current ONLINE list of VPNs available for connection at the moment. Select any VPN from the list that matches your request criteria.

3) Click Activate button.

4) Click "Show WireGuard Config", you should see the following:

5) Here is the WireGuard configuration and the QR code for it. Install it directly on your Mobile device ...

... or to use on Desktop download WireGuard Client and install it. Run it, press Ctrl+N and add the config.

Note!: Connection with standard WireGuard client will be availabe only via BackConnect!

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***WireGuard is a registered trademark, and it belongs to Jason A. Donenfeld.