Proxy Service based on WireGuard*** VPN config files on real users' devices.

How to work with the system using ResVPN Client?

1) Login into your account.

2) You will see a current ONLINE list of VPNs available for connection at the moment. Select any VPN from the list that matches your request criteria and activate it.

3) Install ResVPN Client on your computer. You can download it from the link inside your account.

4) Log in to your account on ResVPN Client. You will see the VPNs that you activated in the admin panel.

5) You can activate several VPNs in parallel, its free!. But we do not recommend doing more than 5. Select a bot and connect to it. When you click "Connect", the credit will be charged. By default the connection will be backconnect. But the ResVPN Client also supports direct connection to the bot. If you need to, you can configure your system to do this.

6) After successful connection, you will see a Tray notification.

7) Your connection is established. Check what you look like on the outside. For example on or any other site you like.

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***WireGuard is a registered trademark, and it belongs to Jason A. Donenfeld.