Proxy Service based on WireGuard*** VPN config files on real users' devices.

Why might you need Direct Connection?

Despite the fact that the WireGuard protocol works quite quickly, and at first glance it may seem unnecessary, sometimes it can be useful.

If you are working on a site that is likely to have a Latency test and Flow Pattern test, then the direct connection method can help bypass it.

Latency test measures the difference between the speed of the TCP/IP ping response from a VPN bot T(tcp), and the ping response via the websocket, which is sent from your browser T(websocket).

T(tcp) = VPN_Bot_connection
(the checker measures the ping between the site itself and the final VPN bot itself. The response time T(tcp) is given to the site by the VPN-Bot itself!.
It is not possible to influence this parameter!.)

T(websocket) = Your_connection + BackConnectServer_connection + VPN_Bot_connection

If the difference between these parameters is significant, then the site may identify you as a proxy user. because the ping time T(tcp) will be significantly LESS than the ping time T(websocket). Now, to reduce this difference in ping time, you need to use Direct Connection.

Thus, in the case of Direct Connection, the websocket latency formula will be as follows:

T(websocket) = Your_connection + VPN_Bot_connection

Connection via BackConnect Server (by default)

Direct Connection to VPN bot

For example: if you are physically located in Germany and take a German VPN bot with Direct Connection, then with a high degree of probability you will pass the latency test.
Because on the same continent (or better yet, in the same country) the connection will be instantaneous and without significant delay. will be T(tcp)~T(websocket).

Below, in the screenshots, the checker clearly shows how you can look using BackConnect Connection and Direct Connection:

If you are on another continent (for example, in Europe, Asia or Africa) and use USA VPN bot, then there will also be a difference in the latency test. But it will still be significantly less than through a backconnect connection.
It all depends on your tasks and how and where you use these VPNs. It's up to you to decide whether you need it at all or not.

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***WireGuard is a registered trademark, and it belongs to Jason A. Donenfeld.